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Lion Dance Brand


Park Food Manufacturing

Since 1986

Quality & Integrity

Since 1986, Lion Dance Brand meatballs have been the top-selling meatballs in Singapore. Despite facing numerous challenges, we have persevered and have now become the largest meatball supplier in the country. We are dedicated to upholding and maintaining our traditional techniques, allowing us to consistently provide our customers with the highest quality meatballs.

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Discover the wide range of Lion Dance Brand meatballs, perfect for incorporating into your daily cuisine. Our products are available throughout the island, so you can easily find the perfect selection to suit your needs. Browse our selection now to find your new favorite meatballs!

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Get inspired by our serving suggestions and discover just how versatile Lion Dance Brand meatballs can be! Whether it's a weekday dinner or a weekend brunch, our meatballs are the perfect addition to any meal. Try them out in a variety of dishes to find your new go-to recipe.

Ways to Eat

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