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Is there an imitation brand?

We do not think there are imitations, but there are brands which package their products to look like Lion Dance Brands. We occassionally get complains from customers when they said our quality has dropped tremendously; but upon checking, they realized that they have picked up the wrong brand of meatballs. Hence, we urge customers to keep a look out for our brand logo.

Why is Lion Dance Brand more expensive than other brands?

We are more expensive only because we use better quality meat as well as a higher meat content than our competition. Most manufacturers focus on cutting down cost by adding flour/starch/surimi and many other addictives to bring down cost. However, we have been maintaining the same percentage of protein content since the begining of time. This is easily justified by the difference in cruchiness of our meatballs versus other brands.

Lion Dance Brand has a longer shelf life, does it mean you add preservatives?

No, we do not add preservatives to lengthen our shelf life. In fact we choose to go through a tougher process of heat treatment to give the product a longer shelf life. However, the lack of preservatives may sometimes also mean the product may spoil if storage conditions are not good. Hence, if you do see a pack that is loose and looks mirky, please do not pick it up.

How to best keep/store Lion Dance Brand meatballs?

Buying from supermarkets
- Items are normally displayed in chiller section in the supermarket. When you reach home, please store our items in freezer unit of your fridge. Best kept frozen at -18oC for shelf life up to 03 months. Reason being we cannot make sure that chiller unit at supermarket is always functioning 100% at desired temperature. So under wrong conditions, item may deteriorate in integrity.
Buying from online store. - Items are delivered with guaranteed freshness. For prolonged shelf-life of 10 months, it is best kept frozen at -18oC.

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