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  • Is there an imitation brand?
    At Lion Dance Brand, we take great pride in the quality of our meatballs and strive to deliver the best products to our customers. While we do not believe that there are imitations of our meatballs, we are aware that there are other brands that may package their products to look like ours. As a result, some customers may mistakenly purchase these products, thinking they are buying Lion Dance Brand meatballs. We understand that this can lead to confusion and disappointment, which is why we urge our customers to always look out for our brand logo when purchasing our products. This ensures that they are getting the authentic Lion Dance Brand meatballs that they know and love. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to serving you with our high-quality meatballs.
  • Why is Lion Dance Brand more expensive than other brands?
    At Lion Dance Brand, we believe in using only the best quality ingredients to make our meatballs. We understand that we may be more expensive than some of our competitors, but we stand by our commitment to using higher quality meat and maintaining a higher percentage of protein content in our products. We do not compromise on the quality of our meatballs by adding fillers such as flour, starch, surimi, or other additives to reduce costs. Instead, we focus on maintaining our traditional recipe and preparation methods to ensure that our meatballs are of the highest quality and taste. This is why our meatballs have a unique and satisfying crunchiness that sets us apart from other brands. We are proud of the quality and value that our meatballs offer and believe that our customers will appreciate the difference. Thank you for choosing Lion Dance Brand and for supporting our commitment to quality.
  • Lion Dance Brand has a longer shelf life, does it mean you add preservatives?"
    No, we do not add preservatives to lengthen our shelf life. In fact, we choose to go through a tougher process of heat treatment to give the product a longer shelf life. However, the lack of preservatives may sometimes also mean the product may spoil if storage conditions are not good. Hence, if you do see a pack that is loose and looks murky, please do not pick it up.
  • How to best keep/store Lion Dance Brand meatballs?
    Buying from supermarkets Correct, it is recommended to store the meatballs in the freezer at -18°C to ensure their quality and freshness. While they may be displayed in the chiller section at the supermarket, it's important to keep in mind that the temperature and storage conditions there may not always be optimal for preserving the integrity of the product. Once you bring the meatballs home, placing them in the freezer will help maintain their quality for up to three months. Buying from online store. Correct, for items purchased from an online store, they are typically delivered in a frozen state and should be stored immediately in the freezer at a temperature of -18°C or below. This will ensure that the product stays fresh and maintains its quality for up to 10 months. It's always important to follow the storage instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure the best possible shelf life and product quality.
  • Do you allow walk in sales?
    Yes we allow walk in sales from Mondays - Fridays (0900 - 1600hrs). We are closed on Sundays & Public Holidays. We accept CASH & Paynow, or you can select self-collect upon cart check out from our site. . Please press the door-bell at the entrance of the building and we will come down to help you. Thank you.
  • Where else can I buy Lion Dance Brand meatball?
    Lion Dance Brand meatballs can be purchased from local supermarkets:- 1. Fairprice 2. Sheng Siong 3. Giant 4. Prime 5. Ang Mo / U Star You may also purchase online via:- 1. Redmart 2. Shopee 3. Park Food website However, not all stores will carry the entire range of our products. We would suggest to buy online for fresher & fuller range.
  • Where can I find my redemption code?
    Please go to the top right hand corner of your browser after log in. Under account management, you can find a few options: Please see My Rewards. Your points and redemption codes are kept there safely. For more details of our loyalty program, please visit
  • I think my meatball has gone bad.
    While we try our best to always deliver the freshest product to store, sometimes, things just don't go the way we wish. Nonetheless, we always put our customers before us. Talk to us via Whatsapp, and we will try our best to assist.

All your questions about Lion Dance Brand Meatballs answered.

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