Since 1986

Lion Dance Brand is a registered trademark under Park Food Manufacturing Pte Ltd. Park Food Manufacturing Pte Ltd was established in 1986 with a small factory unit located at Ubi, Singapore.  The business was founded by Mr, Lee Hui Chong (marketing) & Mr. Ng Choke Ang (Operations), with the belief that there is a demand for meatballs in Singapore after having tasted the Taiwan meatballs during their study there.  After countless setbacks in the development of the product, they finally arrived at our current recipe which is widely accepted and embraced by Singaporeans throughout.


Lion Dance Brand Logo (Black).png

What does Lion Dance Brand Symbolize? 

Traditionally, meatballs are made from meat paste. The meat paste is continuously pounded by a pair of squared-blade knife till the paste achieves its uniformity. Drawing the action of the pounding which is similar to our Chinese drum roll action, the name Lion Dance Brand came to life. It is during the Chinese New Year festive season is where we see Lion Dance and their performing troops in action.  

The name becomes a family-known brand especially during the Chinese New Year festive season because everyone could associate with the product since it is a must-have for a steamboat to be complete. 


How it is made.

Our meatballs are made using only fresh meat which arrives from Indonesia, Bulan (AVA approved source).  When the fresh meat arrives, we inspect the quality of the meat so that only good quality meat is used in our production.  The meat is then quickly processed to ensure freshness of the pork is preserved. 

Our processing methods are traditional, meat paste > formation > cooking > packing, and every step is managed by experience personals who have been with us for many years, this experience is a critical factor in our operations as well.

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