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Less Additives Used In Lion Dance Brand

Here’s what no one tells you about additives used in most processed food :

From the moment you pick up a Lion Dance Brand meatball, it simply signifies that you have placed your trust in our products. We hold trust and integrity in a high position when formulating our meatballs, and we are proud to say that we use very few additives in our meatball ( unless you consider salt, pepper additives, they are actually seasoning… ).

The reason why our ingredients are so basic is that we use up to 80% pork in our manufacturing to achieve the ideal taste, texture, bounciness. While using such a high protein content is very expensive, we do not want to compromise our consumer’s health. Coupled with our meatball-making technique and technology, we are able to produce meatballs on large scale without the use of additives.

meatball today, you will find that our ingredients are old-school basic and we basic an the key ingredient to making Lion Dance Brand meatball is still PORK, starch, cuttlefish, and seasoning.

🚫 On the other hand !!!

But all you have to do is pick up another pack in the supermarket and look closely at the fine prints of ingredients listed.

- Pork

- Surimi* (which itself already contains additive)

- Modified starch

- Salt

- Sugar

- Egg

- Flavour enhancer

- Seasoning (another more flavor enhancer?)

- Spices

- Flavor enhancers (🧐 and even more is needed)

- Cuttlefish powder

- Phosphates

- Vegetable oil

- Meat flavor (🤔, seriously, are you trying to cover up some taste?)

- Anti-caking agent

- Soy protein

- Palm Olein (Palm oil extract)

- Fish extract caramel

- Hydrolysed soy protein

These are the additives that you put into your body with every bite. I am a chemical engineer by taught, but I will not bore you to death with what all the terms mean, because you can google what's good/bad these days within seconds.

* I may start another article on this in the future, but I don’t want to overload you with information on this short read today.

So readers, pick the right pack next time you are doing your grocery shopping.

Leave your comments below if this simple read helped. Thank you.

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