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Pick The Right Pack

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Disclaimer : This is written in the light of people who wants to buy Lion Dance Brand but picks up the wrong item. For people who deliberately picks up other packs, that's fine as well.

We often receive complaints such from consumers "why the meatballs taste funny?" or "why are the meatball not crunchy?" ... after further understanding, we realised that they have bought the wrong brand of meatballs. Hence, we use an example which we are most often confused with to elaborate how you should look out for Lion Dance Brand.

First ... The REAL THING ...

1. Our LOGO, as the name suggest ... MUST have a prominent Lion Dance as like what we see during Chinese New Year. We have had this logo since 1986, I should know it, because my father drew it. So in traditional lion dance, there is always this 大头娃娃 which teases the 舞狮 to jump and dance about, so that is what our logo embody, Please look out for the Lion and her Friend when you want to buy our brand.


2. The second difference which I can identify is the green lattice decoration. This is a pattern which we use for our traditional series.

So apart from this TWO key differences, a lame-man can really mistaken another for us. Hence if you are genuinely buying our product, but picked up the wrong item, we can understand your frustration. Take a look :-