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Easy ways to cook sausages

For all of you who have bought some sausages from our store, here are some simple instructions on how to cook the sausages properly. I have tried all the below methods on different occasions, so I guess it is really safe for you to follow. My favorite way is definitely by BBQ ... but it is really a hassle to bring out an entire pit for the few sausages. But what I do is that, whenever the occasion calls for BBQ, I never fail to show up with a few packs of the sausages, and it never disappoints.

Method 1: Air Fry ( 👉🏻 My lazy way every time) . No defrosting required

. Pop in to the air fryer (mine is a 3 year Philips)

. Air Fry @ 180 degrees celsius for 8 minutes

. I rarely overdo sausages, because they tend to split down the center when it's overheated and it shows some lack in skills in controlling 😜

Method 2: Oven ( 👉🏻 Locks in moisture better)

. No defrosting required

. Pop into the preheated oven @ 160 degrees celsius for about 15-20 minutes

. Remember to cover sausages with aluminum foil (like a blanket on top), this is to prevent drying out of the sausages

Methos 3: BBQ ( 👉🏻 Seriously, any instructions needed here?)

. No defrosting required

. Lay on the grill and watch over it (kidding), it takes also about 10 minutes to cook.

The sausages will bloat up during the cooking process, making them look meaty and puffy. The trick is to remove it before the splitting of the case occurs.

Enjoy these juicy, succulent sausages with some potatoes, or just eat it on its own.

Thanks for checking in our blog, and leave your comments below. Let us know how you find the sausages because we love them so much.

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