Easy ways to cook sausages

For all of you who have bought some sausages from our store, here are some simple instructions on how to cook the sausages properly. I have tried all the below methods on different occasions, so I guess it is really safe for you to follow. My favorite way is definitely by BBQ ... but it is really a hassle to bring out an entire pit for the few sausages. But what I do is that, whenever the occasion calls for BBQ, I never fail to show up with a few packs of the sausages, and it never disappoints.

Method 1: Air Fry ( 👉🏻 My lazy way every time) . No defrosting required

. Pop in to the air fryer (mine is a 3 year Philips)

. Air Fry @ 180 degrees celsius for 8 minutes

. I rarely overdo sausages, because they tend to split down the center when it's overheated and it shows some lack in skills in controlling 😜

Method 2: Oven ( 👉🏻 Locks in moisture better)

. No defrost